Walk in Sheds

Need something bigger than a regular cover?
We also make walk-in sheds custom designed to your size and space.

white walk in shed black walk in shed
  • 65mm Aluminium slats with either spacing or no spacing
  • Individually designed to suit your measurements and needs
  • Aluminium available in any colour
  • Stainless steel hinges and screws with aluminium rivets
  • Set n' Forget - it will last a lifetime!
  • We ship flat-packed (just like Ikea)
  • Takes all of about 20 minutes to erect


air con 2
air con 3
air con 4
'timber look' aluminium option
stainless steel door hinges
Any colour & design you like

Depends obviously on size and design so give us a call on 0428 182 957
and we can talk you through options for your measurements.

or email us your size, some photos and postcode and we'll calculate an exact price for you.