picture 1 photo 2
Now you see it
Now you don't
photo 4 photo 5
Colour is Shale Grey
This one in Monument
photo 7 photo 8
Matching Air Con cover beside it
Same cover from in front
photo 10 photo 11
A giant 'three lidder' as we installed it
Ironstone - a nice colour
photo 13 photo 14
We really liked this one...
Another view of it
cubby photo 17
No gaps in the slats
Everything out in the weather
photo 19 photo 20
Behind a waterfall (to the left)
Open shot of the same cover
photo 19 photo 20
We had to do lots of hidden cutouts on this one
Pool heater is covered as well
photo 19 photo 20
a 'flat lidder' with side cutouts
Flat lid under window
photo 19 photo 20
Pale Green blended in to the bushes really well
Nice and neat
photo 19 photo 20
Took this photo really late in the afternoon)
Compact - looks great
photo 19 photo 20
Needed a back panel as it was free standing
Closed shot of the same cover
photo 19 photo 20
All closed up
Shows how easy access is
photo 19 photo 20
Needed a flat lid to fit under the window)
Sloping ground so all legs are different lengths