Make your backyard a 'jungle gym' magnet for the kids.

strong 125mm frameslide n swings
We've got a range of Forts, Swings n Slides and Gym gear
all made with treated logs and Aussie Hardwood,
made to outlast your kids!
  • Great designs to suit your us and we will design to suit.
  • Solid Hardwood floors
  • 125mm Treated Pine logs
  • Large, roomy and airy (with shadecloth covering)
  • Great headroom (er, kids only)
  • The best backyard your kids will love you for!
  • Lots of styles - We design to suit.


Fort with 2 swing seats beside
Same fort with a slide added
Ladder up to the deck
Shadecloth roofing
perspex window
verandah rails
front door
Easy access underneath
'Verandah' Post n Rail
Hardwood Flooring
Freestanding or Fixed

Call us to discuss your design needs