Factory Seconds and Discounted Covers

Occasionally we have covers we've made for customers but they 'leave town' before paying. If there sizes suit you, it may be a great way to get your pool equipment covered at a discounted price. Check out the current list:-

Currently in Stock

100cm wide
100cm deep
135/95cm high
90cm wide
89cm deep
130/100cm high
140cm wide
104cm deep
120/100cm high
Our Original Display Cover
Single RHS Door
Pair of Front Doors
Pair of Front Doors
Sikkens Oil Based Stain
Spa n Deck Water Based Stain
Needs a coat of stain
Short split in back of
Cedar panel on lid
Unwanted order
- great condition -
Unwanted order
- great condition -
$490.00 plus delivery
$590 plus delivery
$880.00 plus delivery

(Yes, it does come
with a lid....
We just took the
photos before
we put it on)

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