Timber Covers for Air Conditioner units

NOTE: Air Conditioners need to have good air flow to operate
so we make the covers with Open slats on both the sides, front and lids.
Please check with your a/c supplier to make sure the open slat wall
(see the photos) will provide enough air flow for your unit.

air conditioner cover
  • 70mm Hardwood Slats with 20mm Spacing
  • Individually designed to suit your system
  • Available raw or stained
  • Stainless steel screws and gal. bolts
  • We ship flat-packed (just like Ikea!)
  • Takes all of about 5 minutes to erect


air con 2
air con 3
air con 4
air con 5
solid hardwood
Looks great
Stainless steel fittings
Designed for easy servicing

Cost depends on size but a 1000mm x 900mm x 500mm Cover is...
$719.00 unstained
$934.70 stained.
email us your size and postcode and we'll calcalute an exact price for you.